Back in 2010 (which wow - over 10 years ago!) I made a little website for storiing hobby projects - mostly graphical demos written in javascript. I spent about 5 years posting demos, and later blog posts, on I haven’t touched it since 2014, which was around the time I started (originally to post about game development.

Last night I was finishing migrating to nearlyfreespeech, and I spotted the s3 bucket and decided to migrate it here as well. I did some minor touch ups, removed some out-of-date details, and fixed the easter egg on the home page where there’s an interactive console under the site heading.

I also wrote one last post - a sign off - so when you visit the site the first thing you see isn’t the last thing I happened to post before I stopped updating it. I made my own CMS for because at the time I wanted to do everything from scratch. The CMS is a bunch of ancient ruby, shell, make, and probably other scripts cobbled together that generate static html. I’m not even going to attempt to run these. Fortunately the static html files generated last time I ran the scripts are handy, so I just added links to my final post to the relevant files.