I’ve been toying around with OpenBSD in a virtual machine to see whether I could switch to it as a daily driver. I’m attracted to the project because of its emphasis on minimalism and security. There’s a few things I need to figure out before I can be as productive in OpenBSD as I am in Linux (which I use in most places) or FreeBSD (which I recently switched to on my personal laptop).

I can live without rustup. It also wouldn’t surprise me if it got support for OpenBSD at some point. I’ll probably have to add OpenBSD support to cpal as alsa isn’t (and shouldn’t) be available on OpenBSD. There’s got to be a way to configure nodejs to build on OpenBSD. Need to do some more reading. These aren’t problems on FreeBSD because FreeBSD tries to be compatible with Linux. The lack of this on OpenBSD is a selling point, but it does come at a cost of convenience. There’s a few things I still need to learn before I can live with this inconvenience.