More of my 7DRLs are playable on

Four of the five games I’ve made in the 7DRL game jam can be played in a browser, and all are available for download on my page, but in most cases I’d neglected to take advantage of the feature of itch that lets browser version of the game be hosted in itch itself. When releasing games on itch in the past, I’d uploaded downloadable versions of games, but elected to host the browser versions on my own website and just include a link on the itch page for the game.

Tonight I uploaded in-browser-playable versions of all my 7DRLs (except for “Apocalypse Post” which can’t be played in a browser), and set up itch so that the main page for each game has a button that starts an itch-hosted in-browser version of the game. I continue to host my games on (which now points to my new nearlyfreespeech site instead of AWS!), but I’m planning to update all the links on this site an in the games’ git repos to refer itch instead.