I accidentally let some of my TLS certs expire

A few months ago I switched this site’s web hosting from AWS to nearlyfreespeech. I set up new TLS certificates for gridbugs.org and www.gridbugs.org, which the site now uses instead of the AWS certificates it used to use. So when I received warnings from Amazon informing me that my TLS certificates were about to expire, I promptly ignored them. I forgot that some additional domains - games.gridbugs.org and files.gridbugs.org - are still hosted on AWS and still use the (now expired) AWS certificates. Oops!

I use those domains to host games I’ve made, both downloadable and playable in-browser. Rather than migrating all the games to nearlyfreespeech, I’ll set up redirects to my itch.io page for all the games which I’ve released on itch. The games which I never released, but which can only be played in a browser (mostly simple demos), I’ll migrate to nearlyfreespeech. Small game demos that run natively, I’ll migrate as well. All the new game projects I work on, I’ll make available exclusively through itch. This is mostly because as I add music to newer games I make, their size can be large, and I don’t want to use a ton of bandwidth should any of my games become wildly successful.