Chargrid Roguelike Tutorial 2020

Today I finished writing the code and tutorial pages for the tutorial I’m making as part of roguelikedev subreddit does the complete roguelike tutorial. The tutorial pages can be read here.

I’ve been working on this in my spare time for about 8 weeks. Unlike the 7drl, for this project I started from nothing and built the entire engine and game using a collection of rust libraries I’ve made. Also unlike the 7drl, my aim was to make a vanilla procedurally-generated dungeon crawler, with no interesting features, to demonstrate how my libraries can be used to implement a roguelike.

The biggest personal benefit of doing this project has been that I was forced to explain all the concepts of my libraries to someone other than myself. This lead to various simplifications and quality of life improvements. I also noticed a common pattern I’ve used in my most recent roguelike engines (namely rip and slime99) which is generic and internally complex. Not wanting to explain its inner workings as part of the tutorial, I factored it out into the spatial_table crate.