7 Day Roguelike 2024: Ranged Combat, Sound Effects, Message Log

The main focus of the day was the combat system. This involved setting up the control flow so that when the player presses the fire button the UI lets them aim, and then commits the fire action after the user confirms their target.

Gameplay demonstrating the aim UI

Firing guns is accompanied by a sound effect. Rather than pre-recording sound effects, sound effects are generated live using the same synthesizer that I use for music. Using a synth means that some properties of the sound effects can be randomized, so each instance of a sound effect sounds slightly different.

Generic gameplay screenshot

Finally I made a full screen UI for navigating the message log as there can be some useful information in there and the regular game’s UI only shows 4 lines at a time.

Fullscreen message log

Next step will be adding items, equipment, and organs.