7 Day Roguelike 2023: More Procedural Generation

Another day of mostly working on procedural generation. This game is by far the most complex procgen project I’ve done. I’ve integrated the river generator into the game engine and added a couple of pools along the river which I’ll populate with settlements. There is also a small lake at the beginning of the river and an ocean where the game ends.

Screenshot showing the boat in a river lined with rocks and trees

The river is lined with trees and rocks which get thicker further from the water. This is partly done for aesthetic reasons, but also it obstructs vision and movement beyond a certain point. 15 tiles out from the river on either side is a solid wall of trees. There is nothing beyond this wall. It’s left blank to reduce the number of entities the game needs to keep track of.

Screenshot showing the boat parked on the beach of the ocean

It’s also possible to win the game. If you make it to the ocean the game fades out to a screen declaring that you have won.