7 Day Roguelike 2022: Time

Tonight I added the concept of time to the game. Each day, as time progresses, the light and visibility systems respond to the passage of time, simulating a sunrise and sunset, and making it dark at night. There are three different rain modes (light, medium, heavy) and a randomized (ahem, “procedural”) schedule that makes the rain get heavier over time (on average).


Also each day the flood level rises, and when you walk into the flood water the ‘@’ sign is partially submerged!

This what the sunset effect looks like:


At night, the vision radius shrinks, the mist is more opaque, and the player’s light gets a blueish tint.


Finally, I implemented one of the game’s items: a topographic map. This will hopefully help players work out the best place to dig ditches or place stepping stones to help navigate the map as the water rises.